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Chesapeake Digital Solutions

Digital Marketing

Chesapeake Digital Solutions helps professional service firms and government contractors devise and implement a digital marketing strategy. Our methods help to generate leadsincrease internet visibility and develop their market brand using digital marketing techniques.

Devising a digital marketing strategy involves market research. Your digital marketing plan should maximize its online visibility to attract your target audience where their interests lie. We redesign websites, enhance a business’ social media presence, develop content marketing, and can optimize your website for organic search with SEO.​ 

Visit our service pages to see what digital marketing outlets we provide to connect you with those searching for your products and services.

Lead Generation

Pipeline Development

Contact Relationship Management

Responsive Website Design

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media

Branding Position Statement

Recognized Expert

Digital Marketing Materials

Our Services

Competition Analysis

We research your competitors

to develop your digital

marketing strategy.

Responsive Website Design

We develop websites that perform well on every electronic device with clear messaging and imaging.

Social Media

We develop content for blogs and posting for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to improve your business’ visibility.

Digital Marketing Materials

Lead Generation

We find promising leads and create pipelines to help you gain new customers.

Search Engine Optimization

We optimize your website for keywords to help people discover your website using Google search.

Branding Your Business

We develop logos, marketing materials and digital art consistent with your brand identity.


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WSI Digital Minds

Digital Minds is the perfect resource for people and businesses who want to delve into digital marketing.

Recent Blogs

Content marketing uses relevant educational material (not marketing materials) to educate your prospects on the subjects they want to learn about.

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Let us share with you how we help increase visibility, build your brand and attract clients.

Who We Serve

We serve the CEOs of Professional Services businesses

as well as contractors for the government.

Government Contractors

IT/Project Management Firms

Lending Institutions

Professional Services Firms

Conference Management Companies

Healthcare Staffing Companies

Subject Matter Experts

Focusing on our specialties lets us serve you better.

sydney walters cropped

Digital Marketing Specialist

Sydney Walters

Plans, leads, and executes our strategic email-based marketing initiatives and researches the latest digital trends, and develops up-to-date social media content.

mj cropped

Client Liaison and Production Manager

MJ Cincotta

Provides digital media graphic solutions to upscale business’ marketing efforts online.

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