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Social media marketing strategies have made it easier than ever to engage with existing clients.Ye,t it also provides boundless opportunities to communicate directly with potential clients. In ths age, any person, in any country, can engage with any business, in any city. That’s why social media has also forced companies to up their digital marketing game. Which is why you should have defined goals for a successful social media strategy. Here is my top 5:

1.    Engage with connections

Yes, you should always reply when someone interacts with your business on social media! This is a golden opportunity to build an emotional connection through brand engagement to create leads and potential conversions. In listening to consumers, you will learn why customers love your brand. But also, where your shortcomings are (take this to heart and see how you can improve).

2.    Build brand awareness

Let your target audience know who you are and what you stand for. Become human to them. Tell them your story. Consumers want to know who they are supporting.

3.    Simplify shopping

Social media is uncomplicated. And so should the experience be when you’re selling products or services to consumers on these platforms. Aim to have a convenient call to action to ensure a growing conversion rate.

4.    Drive traffic 

Your website is still the golden nugget – continue to drive traffic there from your social media channels to improve SEO. Post highly engaging, valuable content on your different profiles. The keyword when it comes to the type of content you’re sharing is value.

5.    Grow revenue

Ultimately, this should always be a goal if you’re marketing. The trick to achieving this is in how you interact with people/customers on social media. And, how your brand messaging is translated. Send a message to show people that there is a meaningful brand behind your product or service. Then, the revenue growth will happen. 

Keep reminding yourself that social media marketing is a tool to interact with customers and don’t underestimate just how powerful it can be in building your brand. If you would like to discuss a successful social media marketing strategy for your company, contact me at www.mydigitalwsi or (703) 856-1211 today.