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November 2020

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A strong brand is about more than just your name and logo. Therefore, taking the time to define and build your brand can give you a substantial competitive advantage. Quality branding is the cornerstone of a successful business. Additionally, having an established brand facilitates revenue generation. However, its importance goes even further. Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room. It is the reputation that precedes you and the image you carry. Additionally,...

Article from the Franchise Journal, November 2, 2020 Bob Rogers, of McLean, Virginia, an Air Force veteran, opened a Digital Marketing Company, Chesapeake Digital Solutions. The digital marketing company is a franchise of WSI. Bob has taught Entrepreneurship for the past five years to personnel transitioning from the military, but a year ago he purchased a WSI Digital Marketing franchise. Bob was looking for another business he could run from home, and WSI fit the bill. He continues to teach Entrepreneurship. However,...