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effective social media imagery

Images can grab and hold attention and communicate powerful marketing messages at a glance. However, there are right ways and wrong ways to use images in your social media messaging. Follow these dos and don’ts to create compelling social media visuals.

1. Do use color to grab and direct attention

It is one of the essential qualities of human eyesight that we will naturally look at warm, bright colors before we look at cooler, subtler ones. Warm colors create an impression of advancing towards the viewer, while cooler ones appear to recede away from us. Knowing this, you can place bright colors strategically to draw your viewers’ eyes to particular parts of the image. This principle can be used to create compelling calls to action (CTAs). For example, bright CTAs on dark backgrounds have been proven to be the most effective at grabbing attention and promoting the viewer to take action.  Perhaps you have a photograph with pretty neutral colors; you can then place your branding or CTA – bright and bold – over a darker part of the image. The viewer’s eyes will automatically move toward that part of the image first, making your branding information or call to action impossible to miss. They will then cast their eyes over the rest of the image to fill in the rest of the information you provide.

2. Do be authentic and true to your brand

Take a look at some of the images posted on your social media feeds. Are the images relevant to the brands, or are they something that you will notice? Any company that tries too hard to project the right image will likely fail. It would be best if you remained true to your brand. If you are inauthentic, your audience will spot it immediately, and it will reflect poorly on you.

At the same time, you need to grab attention and be entertaining. Even as you focus on creating on-brand messaging, remember to relax and have fun with it. Engage with your audience and keep it light and fun.  

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3. Do use color to set the tone

Color significantly influences consumer behavior. Be careful with the palette you use in your social media images. You will probably want to build it around your branding colors, which is great; make sure you are evoking the right tone, mood, and personality. Warm colors 

4. Don’t neglect whitespace

Whitespace is easy to overlook, but always remember that it is not just an absence of an image or the borders around your picture. No – it is an essential design element. It creates balance and structure and guides the eye, giving it a place to rest and delineating the composition of your images. Always include wide margins around your pictures.

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