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May 2021

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LinkedIn is a great platform to promote your content. Your LinkedIn branding can be effective as a social media marketing strategy. However, it can be tricky to master. It requires more than simply posting your content; you need to work with and around the platform’s quirks. It can respond a little distrustfully to content marketers, as you probably know if you have ever done a new post, only to find it relegated to the promotions category or marked as spam....

All digital marketing comes down to one thing: lead generation. Either directly or indirectly, all your marketing efforts, from SEO to social media and content marketing, aim to bring in paying customers. Do you want to know how you can build compelling lead generation strategies and sales funnels that flow effortlessly from initial contact to a sale? Follow these five steps to turn any lead into a customer. 1. Research your audience for lead generation The first step in grabbing your audience...