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turning leads into customers

All digital marketing comes down to one thing: lead generation. Either directly or indirectly, all your marketing efforts, from SEO to social media and content marketing, aim to bring in paying customers. Do you want to know how you can build compelling lead generation strategies and sales funnels that flow effortlessly from initial contact to a sale? Follow these five steps to turn any lead into a customer.

1. Research your audience for lead generation

The first step in grabbing your audience and guiding them towards a purchase is to research it thoroughly. Ask yourself what your audience is interested in, what do they want, what are their pain points? Get definitive answers to all of these questions. Then work out the best way to reach them: will it be email marketing or social media? If it is the latter, which platforms should you use.

2. Now segment your audience and create well-defined buyer personas

Segmenting your audience enables you to refine your approach and increase your chances of generating qualified leads. There are many ways of segmenting an audience, and you will quickly work out which one is most appropriate for your brand and products. It could be according to demographics, interests, specific product benefits, or location. Then create buyer personas to represent each segment. To make your personas, ask yourself why this particular group would want to use your product, how they would use it, and what would inspire them to buy.

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3. Choose your tactics for lead generation

Now you understand your audience segments and buyer personas, select the digital marketing tactics most likely to reach them. For example, you can draw visitors to your website using pay-per-click ads, social media, guest posting, influencers, SEO, or landing pages – or a combination of some or all of these. Your digital marketing agency will be able to help you choose the right mix of tactics.

4. Plan and execute your content marketing strategy

With your chosen tactics in place, you need to start generating compelling content that will bring visitors to your site. For example, offer them value, keep them on your site and move them towards making a purchase. Furthermore, engage and nurture leads using exciting blog posts and videos, influencer-generated content, user-generated content, and email marketing. Moreover, your knowledge of your buyer personas will help you to create the perfect content.

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5. Facilitate conversions

If you have got your audience members to this point, the rest should be relatively easy. Then, all you have to do is make it very easy for visitors to make a purchase. Make your check-out processes pain-free with as few steps as possible. For example, provide one-click sign-up options. Moreover, if your goal is to collect information from your customers, minimize the number of form fields. 

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