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Creating your buyer persona is vital in strengthening your brand identity. You must focus your marketing efforts on these consumers while customizing your products and services for them.

Knowing your specific audience will give you the information and power to move your business swiftly forward and define your buyer persona. Thus, speak directly to the right people at the right time about the right product.

Brand Management: Brand Building Process

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How to build your buyer personas?

Buyer personas are the core of your marketing strategy. So, how do you create and build them?

Before delving into your consumer base, you must first have internal conversations with every department (especially Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service) to ensure everyone is on the same page. Explain to them in detail the goals, behavior patterns, and pain points of the consumers and how to deal with them at each stage.

Next, provide them with the right interview questions to retrieve valuable information whenever they interact with customers. Asking the right questions will be the foundation for understanding your audience. However, it is essential to speak with a range of customers from different backgrounds, buying situations, and target markets.

Once your retrieve the information from your customers, use it to customize messaging, services, and products for greater engagement and value.

Follow this up with a series of client interviews that will cement your buyer personas. Start with demographic questions regarding marital status, household income, age, gender, etc. Next, ask open-ended questions such as – “Why would you buy this product?” or “Why do you not want this service?”

Finally, compile this valuable data, focusing on two sets of data: Hard data from web tools and qualitative data from customer interviews. Use tools such as Google Analytics to analyze this data to solidify your buyer personas.

How To Turn A Lead Into A Customer

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