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Lead generation: segmenting an email list

Whatever direction digital marketing may take in the future, personalization will continue to play a significant role. When it comes to lead generation, personalization is a powerful tactic, mainly in email marketing. Email marketing is still the most effective lead generation tool for more than half of America’s businesses. Personalization and targeted communications are the secrets to its effectiveness. Each mail reaches your recipient in the virtual privacy of their inbox. The best way to target your emails more precisely is by segmenting your email list.

Email Marketing: The Most Effective Way To Reach Your Target Audience

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What is email list segmentation?

Email list segmentation means dividing your mailing list into smaller, focused segments. So, you can craft more precise and targeted marketing campaigns. When they are well executed, segmented email lists improve open rates and lead generation. Moreover, this leads to increased revenue.

5 great ways to segment your email list

Many companies are not sure how to go about creating different email list segments. Where do you start, and what segments should you choose? The specifics will depend on your business and your customers. But, here are five general segment categories that are easy to work with and customize. These are known to be effective across all business types:

Location for email segmentation

Arranging your email lists according to your customers’ location will enable you to craft emails specific to the preferences and limitations that might apply in specific geographic areas. Because a particular offer may not appeal to customers in one location but could be perfect for those in another – or you may need to time the offer differently for each segment. 

Sign-up date

Differentiate Long-established customers from people who only recently signed up to your mailing list. Therefore, in this way, new and old subscribers get other communications at different times – and for various reasons

Stage of the buyer’s journey for email segmentation

The primary function of your email marketing is to move customers smoothly through the sales funnel. To do this, you will need to target your communications so that people at different funnel levels receive other communications. 

Opens, responses, and engagement

It is a good idea to separate recipients based on how often they engage with your emails. Keep recipients who don’t open emails separate from those who open but take no further action and those who engage and enter the buyer’s journey. You can then tailor your communications to prompt appropriate action from each group.

Past purchases

Communicating with customers based on past purchases is a great way to engage with them and make them feel like you are giving them personalized treatment. Moreover, you can drive targeted recommendations and create better chances for repeat business.

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