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The 10 Key Tips for Attractive Email Design

For successful email marketing, use these 10 tips for attractive email design. Ideally, although you may have different messages to share, the ultimate goal of email marketing is lead conversion.

Before You Start

Before you even start, confirm:

  • There is a clear purpose for the email campaign.
  • You have a thorough understanding of the segments of your subscribers.
  • The “from” email address is known or expected.

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2. Attention Grabbers for Attractive Email Design

How do you convert if your receipts aren’t opening your emails?

In this tip for attractive email design, make the subject line catchy, personal, intriguing, and ideally around 28–39 characters long. Adding emojis is a great idea – but check the consistency of the icon across different platforms.

Used to decide whether an email is worth opening, this summary text below the subject line needs to be appealing. Therefore, formulate the preheader to follow on from your subject cohesively.

3. Email Marketing Personalization Tips for Attractive Design

Do you know how you hear your name even in a noisy, crowded room? That’s because the medial prefrontal cortex of human brains involuntarily responds to sound, even in PVS patients.

So, increase the chances of having your email opened by 26% by including the recipient’s name in the subject line. Take email personalization further in the body to multiply transaction rates by six using contextual marketing (humanization). Craft emails with dynamic content that is pertinent to specific segments of your clientele.

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4. Email Marketing Content

Align your message with the brand and write with the right tone – alright! Avoid possible misunderstandings by considering how else your words may be construed – ensure all POVs are PVO.

Remember to double-check your spelling and grammar, no matter what audience you are targeting. (A fresh pair of eyes works well.)

5. User Experience for Attractive Email Design

The best practice to reach subscribers on whatever screens they have, stick to a maximum width of 600–640 pixels.

Make your email easy to navigate with headlines and a logical order – typically left to right, down, and from title to heading to picture to text.

Previously, mobile opens made up 46% of email opens. With the arrival of COVID-19, webmail surpassed mobile from April to June 2020, accounting for 48.8% of email opens. We don’t know what the future holds, but responsive design is always a safe bet.

6. Layout

The layout of your email should be a roadmap from the introduction to the desired action.

Use large headlines and images to highlight scannable portions of the content. An inverted pyramid works to lure subscribers in and down to the CTA.

Embrace white space!

7. Graphics

While that may or may not be true that we process visuals 60,000x faster than text, decorative images are a wasted opportunity. Add value by including only meaningful images and appropriate icons.

Always include alt text.

Video and GIFs are increasingly popular in emails. As with images, get the latest guidelines on these elements from your digital marketing agency.

8. Links

Ensure all your links are obvious, necessary, and working. The most critical connection is your CTA button, so make it irresistible.

9. Footer

Keep on the right side of the law by including all the legalese in your footer.

Additionally, use the footer for links to:

  • Social and app
  • Referral options
  • Support or contact us

10. Test and Measure

Use A/B testing to improve your open and click-through rates, thereby increasing website visitors and boosting sales.

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