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November 2021

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We have a question for you: how well do you know your competitors? We hope the answer is "very well." If not, we encourage you to carry out a thorough competitive analysis to see how they are faring. This will give you a competitive edge to stand out. Inevitably, through this process, you can determine the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Additionally, you can find opportunities to fill gaps in the market. Chesapeake Digital Solutions, experts in B2G and...

Email marketing can be an excellent medium for businesses to connect with and engage their customers, creating the impact to drive sales and build loyalty. However, building a robust email marketing campaign that works is an art. Chesapeake Digital Solutions, experts in B2G and B2B digital marketing strategies, outline tips for creating an email marketing campaign tailor-made for your business. Tips for creating the right email campaign Use the following tips to create an email campaign that genuinely stands out: Subject line Using an...