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January 2022

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Understanding Website Analytics and Metrics will help you to learn what content on your website needs improvement. Website Metrics and Analytics include organic traffic numbers, bounce rates, session durations, and pageviews. In the digital age, building a comprehensive and fully functioning website is one of the fundamental steps to success. Your website helps connect you to current and prospective customers. That is why, it is one of the best communication and marketing tools in your arsenal. You can know what improvements...

Google’s local search uses various factors to determine where your business will rank in local search results. Learn how to improve your local rankings with Google here. If a customer Googled a specific business type (for example, “restaurants near me”), they would see a list of nearby businesses listed on Google Maps and Google search; where your business appears on this list is your local ranking. What is Your Local Ranking  Google uses an algorithm based on three key factors to determine...