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How Listing Management improves Google rankings

Looking to improve your Google rankings? Google My Business and listing management are essential to improve your local SEO rankings. Your information can help you rank higher in local SEO searches, improving your profile or business reach. Find out more below.

Why is listing essential to SEO?

Google tools are considered the phonebook of the digital age. Google My Business, for example, collects essential information such as the name of the business, customer ratings, and contact information. It uses interactive elements and signals to rank your business on Google search. When you properly list your business location across websites, social media, and other online sources, you can rank better on Google Maps and local searches. What this means for your business is that more people in your area will find your business and address when they do a local search for services in their area. 

How to use listing management to improve your Google rankings

  • Keep your information updated

Google aims to provide accurate and updated information to users. You can improve your Google ranking by updating your data regularly and keeping all info correct. Your customers or clients will also appreciate it if you keep your business hours and contact details accurate.

  • Be consistent

Google My Business will only pull your page into the listing if your details are consistent across all platforms. Make sure your information across all listings is consistent. Your business name, for example, should be the same across all websites and social media platforms. The same goes for your name or street address. Don’t use abbreviations on one site and forget to use them on the next.  

  • Get reviews for your listing 

Your business listing can significantly benefit from customer reviews. Many good reviews will help you gain trust with new clients or customers as a reliable business. You cannot bribe customers for reviews according to the Google My Business page, and you can be penalized for doing so. Try asking your customers to leave a review when they have completed a purchase or visited your website.  

How To Improve Your Local Rankings With Google

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