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May 2022

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Yoast SEO can boost your business visibility by improving your Google rankings. Yoast is a free WordPress plugin popular among businesses worldwide as it provides easy-to-use tools for content creators. With Yoast, you can optimize your on-site SEO by filling out the various fields in the plugin to designate page titles and meta-descriptions that search engines use to define your page and display it in search queries. It also analyzes your content for the frequency of keywords and ease of...

Networking helps you learn about people at all professional levels to exchange ideas. It will also boost your professional confidence. What is the best approach to networking? Have you ever been to a networking event with a room full of noisy people talking, laughing, and having an enjoyable time? Since you don’t know many people there, you feel lost, and out of place, and can’t wait for this event to be over.  If you have these feelings, you are not alone....