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June 2022

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Video storytelling in content marketing can increase your visibility on social media and help with lead generation. Here are some video content marketing tips you can use when branding your business. Tips for compelling video content marketing Use engaging content Professional brands, especially in the B2B space, tend to put out professional content. As effective as these are, this content can be pretty bland. If possible, aim to use professional content that is also engaging and relatable to most people. Humor is a...

Executive branding is about “expressing your authentic self to your target audience”. It’s not about being famous; it’s about being visible to your target market. Learn how to build your brand with executive branding and the steps to take to build your brand. This type of branding caught fire when Fast Company magazine ran a cover article called “The Brand Called You” by Tom Peters in 1997.  For those who do not know who Tom Peters is, he wrote the book...