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5-How to create powerful video marketing content

Video storytelling in content marketing can increase your visibility on social media and help with lead generation. Here are some video content marketing tips you can use when branding your business.

Tips for compelling video content marketing

  1. Use engaging content

Professional brands, especially in the B2B space, tend to put out professional content. As effective as these are, this content can be pretty bland. If possible, aim to use professional content that is also engaging and relatable to most people. Humor is a great way to capture the audience’s attention. You can also try creating excellent content, such as sharing your business’s journey and the obstacles your business faces. 

  1. Get creative

Social media marketing for businesses doesn’t have to follow the norm. Try to push the boundaries and put out content that your audience does not expect from you while keeping it professional. Get creative when sending out your message. For example, if your company sells educational supplies to the government, you can create LinkedIn and Twitter videos with testimonials from kids rather than your suppliers.

  1. Follow an ad format

Do you remember an ad you’ve seen on TV or Youtube that resonated with you? It likely had a captivating beginning, a heartwarming story, and a good conclusion. Use this format when creating a video. Draw up a script and what you want to see in the beginning, middle, and end. Rehearse the script with the people involved in the ad and edit your draft videos until you are happy to share them.

  1. Use high-quality visuals 

High-quality sound and visuals are essential when creating any video. You need to ensure that you use a good camera, the right angles, and colors to effectively communicate your message and grab the audience’s attention. Practice makes perfect, but if you have trouble creating good videos, consider hiring a professional content creator or videographer to help you out.

Remember, videos should be short and snappy. Most social media have a time limit for video content, so you need to ensure that you are creating the best content within a relatively short time frame. Here’s where the experts at Chesapeake Digital Solutions come in. We can help you create effective digital marketing strategies to help your business to grow.

For effective video content marketing, contact our dedicated team today!