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July 2022

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SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” In simple terms, SEO explained is the process of improving your site to increase its visibility when people search for products and services related to your business on Google, Bing, and other search engines. In the early years of search engine optimization, search engine algorithms were more straightforward. And, websites were easy to find. However, thousands of websites are being created every day. So, search engines have modified their algorithms to become more intelligent and...

Does your business use webinars as part of its digital marketing strategy? Webinars are popular due to the pandemic, but many businesses still don’t utilize this vital form of lead generation. Here is how to use webinars to create your business leads. Identify your audience Identifying your audience will help you reach the right target market and gain leads. It would be best if you studied your buyer’s persona. Research your target market and understand how they work. A competitive analysis is...