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In the past few decades, marketing strategies have evolved as technology has advanced. In 1990, the term digital marketing was first spoken into existence. Then, Internet usage increased. Then, digital marketing by digitally sourced companies, like Google and Amazon began. Along came mobile phones, social media platforms, and video-sharing channels where you could broadcast every facet of your life into a modern digital world.

History of Marketing

Going back in time, a marketing strategy existed mainly as a word-of-mouth system. As production boomed from the 1800s onward, the need to sell these new products became a necessity of life. Barkers on street corners would set up booths to market their products, shouting ‘Hear ye, hear ye!’ or ‘Extra, extra, read all about it!” Spoken sales pitches, print advertisements, and freshly painted billboards quickly gained popularity in the public eye. Marketing then evolved into radio advertisements, which eventually led to televised commercials. Now, ads convince you to buy soaps, cosmetics, cereal, and even cigarettes all from the comfort of your living room sofa. Everything that is commonplace in our homes today was aired on television and guaranteed a sale after that.

The Prevalence of Digital Marketing

Today, advertisements go everywhere that we do. Marketing strategies evolve with technology. We see them on our phones, our computers, on cars, and on road signs. We hear them while we wait to connect to a call, and we hear them in our favorite TV shows, slipped in as subliminal messages. Times Square, New York is an advertising haven. With this locale displaying ads left and right on large LED screens. The future of advertising is already here with digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a high-demand career field today, with a projected growth rate of 10% in the next several years. Businesses all around the world have successfully adapted a digital marketing strategy into their business workflows.

, Our lives changed completely when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Many businesses were blindsided. Companies were being shut down across the country. They had no choice but to switch to a completely digital workforce. 

Digital Marketing in 2022

Over 70% of businesses have gone digital in the last two years, adapting a systematic approach to their marketing pipeline and increasing their brand visibility online through email marketing, content marketing, competitive analysis, social media management, and more.

Marketing is constantly being redefined. Staying informed on the latest digital trends and digital marketing techniques will give you the upper hand against your industry’s competitors.