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Content Marketing An Essential digital marketing strategy

Content marketing is an essential element of an overall digital marketing strategy. It is a valuable marketing tactic that will assist in attracting, engaging, and retaining an audience, whether on your website or other platforms.

Storytelling is at the heart of content marketing. Therefore, content marketing will help you become visible to your business and government buyers if you are a small professional service or government contracting company.

Create and Share

Content marketing is about finding ways to engage your potential and existing customers. Creating and sharing content is more accessible in today’s digital world. Videos, emails, social media posts, newsletters, and podcasts are part of the content basket. Not only does this approach entertain your audience, but more importantly, it establishes your expertise and promotes brand awareness.

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Creating Content Specifically for Your Target Audience

Pitching vs. Engaging

Instead of giving your prospects and customers the hard sell on your products or services, with content marketing, you are providing them with valuable and relevant information. Your market strategy will generate followers and leads when you focus on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content. 

Everyone’s Doing It

Small businesses and leading brands alike use content marketing. A recent study by Hinge Marketing Research, titled Inside the Buyers Brain 2022, indicates that most professional services and government buyers do general web research to find answers to their problems. In addition, they read blog posts, watch videos, and attend webinars to keep up with the trends in the marketplace. Hinge recommends that brands may want to invest in fewer conference sponsorships and invest in promoting content on LinkedIn and other content platforms. 

Traditional vs. Content Marketing

Traditional marketing tends to talk at people even when they don’t request it. Think about that annoying commercial that precedes a YouTube video. Most people skip it as soon as they can. You feel the same annoyance when a commercial airs on television or with a banner on a website.

Content creation works the other way. Content naturally attracts customers because it provides information that people desire. The marketing message encourages relationships with prospects by helping them with their problems and needs.

Your content marketing should consist of a mix of blogs and guest blogging, social media marketing, email marketing campaigns, traditional PR, landing pages, and more – all based on quality copywriting to attract prospects and improve the overall customer experience. Chesapeake Digital Solutions, a WSI franchise, will assist you with a digital marketing strategy that sets your business apart from your competitors. See our website for more information about content marketing as part of the mix.