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Branding Your Business

Brand Recognition

Maintaining a consistent look in branding your business is paramount to clients recognizing your company’s brand through the different media outlets you use to attract business. If they receive an email, social media post, or direct mail piece from you you want them to be able to recognize your brand and logo. And most importantly, if they visit your website after receiving other forms of communication from you, you will want your website to reflect that same look to help them to know they’ve arrived at the right place.

A successful brand-building process outshines the competition and plays a vital role in creating your customer’s loyalty. You need to establish a deep connection with your customers to make your company successful. Brand building is an ongoing process that defines your company’s vision and position in the market. A successful brand-building process increases sales and advocates for your products or services. Developing your Brand Guide and creating essential brand elements such as a logo, slogan, and brand-building processes represent your company’s true spirit.

Reasons for stepping up your business branding

1. You can take pride in your branding’s more sophisticated and contemporary look.

2. People actually understand what you do and how you are different.

3. Your website becomes a powerful lead generation tool.

4. Prospective clients perceive you as bigger or more credible than before.

5. Referrals come more easily because people know how to talk about you.

Our Subject Matter Expert

Mary Jeanne (MJ) Cincotta, our in-house graphic designer, has 20 years of experience in the field of graphic design and is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Virginia Tech with a degree in graphic design. She has provided innovative logo design, iconography, visual layouts, website design, and video for businesses seeking professional design production, print-ready artwork, or digital media.

MJ has experience conforming to brand guidelines for meeting and business collateral, PowerPoint presentations, and other print and digital media. She has experience creating graphic visuals, vector illustrations, charts, graphs, and logos.

Other work she is no stranger to includes the design of postcards, brochures, flyers, social media graphics, exhibit displays, and websites. Also, publication layout, corporate and retail advertising, email campaigns, and direct mail pieces.

If you are just starting a new business or are looking to rebrand your business, MJ can provide digital media and/or print-ready marketing collateral to help you to sell your business services.

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